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    Latest Home Renovation Trends  with Kerimo K., Owner of Hadodo Construction

    Kerimo Kerimo, the owner of Hadodo Construction, is nothing if not adaptable - and that’s a skill that has served his business well in the long run, too. The reputation that he and his professional builders’ team has earned for creating immaculate dream homes, with the greatest attention to detail, is unmatchable!

    We recently caught up with Kerimo for a quick Q & A session to reflect upon his ideas regarding up-and-coming renovation trends that’ll prove to be a major spruce-up for homeowners. Read on to follow what we talked about!

    What lead you to start your own construction business? What would you like your clients to know about it?

    Hadodo Construction was founded by my father-in-law, Very Rev. Fr. Aziz Hadodo, over 40 years ago. He is both a pastor and a civil engineer.

    I brought my extensive experience in European building styles and techniques from Germany and it was a match made in heaven. Plus, running a construction business with my family was a dream come true. As a business run by a minister and a civil engineer, our customers can take comfort in the fact that we work with utmost integrity. Moreover, we prioritize reaching the highest standards of building excellence. While we offer our services, consisting of constructions and renovations, all across the northern New Jersey area, we place a greater focus on the Bergen County area.

    What compelling new trends have you seen recently in both your home construction projects and the homes undergoing renovations?

    A couple of major promising trends that I personally love seeing are the open concept and coffered ceilings. Long gone are the days of closed-up drab rooms. Nowadays, everyone wants to open up walls and have a more fluid and aesthetically pleasing design flow. As for the high coffered ceilings, they are in demand more than ever before, as they add a mesmerizing touch while increasing your home’s resale value. I think the visual 3D element adds elegance as well as a luxurious touch to any room.

    In your professional opinion, what minor upgrades can be done to instantly enhance a home’s look?

    A minor but ever-effective upgrade that I strongly recommend to my clients on a budget is to do a paint job. There are two reasons for that. First, a clean, fresh coat of paint instantly brightens up any room while transforming its overall look from the get-go. It highlights your space in a completely different angle. Second, selecting the right combination of colors can work in your favor when you want or need to create the illusion of a larger space.

    What colors are trending nowadays that you find enthralling?

    We’re seeing a lot of requests for gray and light blue hues these days. There’s just something about those colors that refreshes a home’s appearance, even when nothing else has been changed.

    What are a few options you recommend for people on a tight budget to improve their homes?

    Contrary to what many individuals assume, there are lots of options for people wanting to improve their homes on a budget. For instance, when done right, lighting can spruce up a home’s interior and exterior without spending a lot. Making simple landscaping improvements is also an excellent choice for adding an immediate wow factor. It doesn’t cost much to cut your lawn’s grass, plant a few vibrant flowers and throw down some fresh mulch. Another quick and easy way to add zest to any room is by integrating crown and base molding, as it offers a clean and complete finish.

    Many thanks to Kerimo for this insightful session! We hope you now have a few tricks up your sleeve to take your home décor game to the next level.

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