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    One-on-One with Alivtina – Her Thoughts on the Beauty Industry  in Her Own Words!

    Alivtina, the founder of an exceedingly popular Facebook group Beauty Junkie NY Group, is a force to be reckoned with! From doing amazing hair transformations to inspiring women worldwide, she has learned to hit the mark in the beauty industry with her incredible style and witty attitude. 

    We recently engaged in a one-on-one interview with Alivtina, so we could take her unique stance on the beauty industry. Moreover, we reflected upon the up-and-coming beauty trends, discussed how each woman can adapt them to exude a prolific outlook, and so much more. Read on to follow our full Q/A session with the ever-independent fashion guru!

    Let’s start with a brief introduction. How did you get into the beauty industry, to begin with?

    I’ve been active in the beauty industry for over twenty years now. I always loved sharing any piece of information I came across that could prove helpful for other women, especially when it came to inspiring others and teaching beauty tips. So, I eventually decided to create a Facebook group to unmask myself to a bigger audience. At the time, I had no idea that this group would strike such a mark in the beauty industry. We eventually created a community, one where anyone could learn as well as share. Here, I got to learn many of the latest fashion and beauty tricks myself!

    Being the founder of the popular Facebook beauty group Beauty Junkie NY Group, what precisely keeps you motivated to continue with such a positive platform for women? I can see how easy you’ve made it for women worldwide to be able to connect, ask, and share beauty advice.

    When I created my beauty group, I had no inkling it would get such instant attention. Initially, my goal was to share what I knew for so many years. I just wanted to help other women get the best out of these tips and tricks. However, what motivated me the most was my inner yearning to inspire others and help one another learn as a community. You can say that my inspiration was, and still is, to share what I genuinely love and believe in while also learning new beauty secrets as the years go by, and that’s what the group is all about. It’s a platform that empowers women to share their opinions, give advice, and be inspired by the best.

    I have seen fantastic hair transformations on your social media page. Can you tell me more about this innovative hair treatment/procedure?

    ProAddiction Multi-Protein Straightening System is a permanent yet customizable treatment that transforms hair texture, whether by removing frizz, opening curls, or completely straightening it. Our clients get to achieve their hair goals with the help of this fantastic hair professional’s technique.

    Moreover, the acquired results can last between four to six months, but its longevity mainly depends on an individual’s hair regrowth rate. Since the ProAddiction treatment is customizable, the processing time depends upon the client’s hair texture, length, and specific goals.

    For those who aren’t familiar with the ProAddiction Multi-Protein Straightening System, this is a collagen-enriched treatment with an innovative formula that’s 100% formaldehyde and toxic-free.

    What beauty trends have you been seeing that are worth the hype these days?

    We’ve got so many beauty procedures and trends lining up one after the other these days. Every day, we keep seeing new technology changing the way women live their lives. As far as trends go, they change every day and are a matter of opinion, really. For example, ProAddiction is something that has changed so many of my clients’ lifestyles. I can say it with a 100% guarantee that my clients leave happy and have one less thing to worry about when prepping for their days afterward. I wouldn’t exactly call it a beauty trend, but it definitely is something many people can benefit from. And as for other preferable beauty procedures, I can best answer this question with the expression, “To each their own.” The girls in my group keep posting about new trends and innovative technology, like laser hair removal, different facials, and fillers. The list goes on! It’s different for each woman, based on what they are looking to achieve for themselves. That’s why this beauty group is so amazing. You can take your pick from these women’s opinions and reviews to make your dream style come true.

    Lastly, would you like to share any beauty or wellness advice with our readers?

    Just one - always do what makes you happy! This is the best beauty advice anyone can give you instead of restricting you to a standard one-style-fits-all approach. When it comes to wellness and beauty, it’s about how you want to represent yourself rather than how anyone else wants to see you. Also, always research a procedure before going for it. Always look up reviews and do your own homework before trying something new. What I may love, others may not. So, to put it simply, do what makes you happy but always, always research before making any changes to your body, face, and hair.


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