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    Must-Have Daily Essentials To Include In Your Makeup Bag

    From contour kits and setting sprays to blush and lip palettes, does your makeup bag really need all these products?

    An overflowing makeup bag isn’t just confusing but makes it so hard to rummage through the contents to get your hands on that Kat Von D Eyeliner that you were looking for.

    The next thing you know, all your gazillion makeup products are scattered across the floor because you couldn’t find what you were looking for and now you’ve dropped everything in your frantic search.

    Perhaps, it’s time to look through your makeup bag.

    Remove items that serve as ‘extras’ and stick to the essentials you will require on a daily basis to create that quick but perfect makeup look, which you can easily pull off literally anytime, anywhere.

    There are some products that deserve a place in your makeup bag and are must-have daily makeup essentials.

    A Creamy Brow Pencil

    Brows are often overlooked by many people, but have you ever really noticed how filled-in, perfectly shaped eyebrows can transform your face? Eyebrows are such a hot feature of the face, and when done right, they can create a more polished, refined look overall.

    A brow pencil is an absolute must for your makeup bag, and the best part is that it doesn’t even take up that much space!

    A Pore-Control Primer

    We all want our makeup to stay put and look as perfect at the end of the night as when we put it on.

    If that’s the case with you, don’t skip the primer!

    It helps anchor down the makeup and makes your foundation or base hold on for as long as possible.

    A Well-Coverage Base

    The base is what ties the whole look together, and it’s simply a no-brainer when it comes to daily makeup essentials.

    Your choice of base depends on the level of coverage you want.

    If you are more drawn towards high and flawless coverage, a foundation is must for you. There are so many incredible options to choose from, such as foundation sticks, which are also super travel-friendly.

    Those who prefer a light, subtle look should go for a BB Cream that provides light coverage and creates a thin veil to cover the pores.

    An Under-Eye Concealer

    The right under-eye concealer can make a world of difference and also pairs well with your base.

    You don’t want a dark under-eye area while the rest of your face adopts a nice sheen, thanks to the base.

    It’s an essential product because, on your lazy days, you can simply just apply a little concealer under your eyes without having to put a layer of the base to create a natural, no-makeup look.

    A Statement Lip Color

    One might be able to go on without a winged eyeliner, but you certainly can’t do without those plump, shiny, full lips, thanks to lip tints and lip glosses!

    It’s really up to you which lip product you prefer – lip gloss, lip tint, lipstick, or a liquid lipstick.

    A touch of color on the lips can pull the whole look together, and the best part is that there’s such a plethora of lip products out there to suit your preference.

    A Rosy Blush

    The final product to have in your makeup bag is a nice, pink blush to get that rosy-cheeks effect. A pop of color on the cheeks simply uplifts the entire look and gives your face a fresh, new look.

    If these won’t suffice for you, you can also throw in a bronzer, highlighter and a small eye-shadow palette. There you go! Now, everything in your makeup bag contributes to your overall look and ensures that you look stunning at all times!


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