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    Slick Hair Trends from the Spring 2024 Runways
    Photo Courtesy of Spotlight

    As the Spring 2024 fashion weeks wrapped up, one trend that stood out on the runways was the resurgence of slick hair. Designers from Milan to Paris and New York to London showcased models donning sleek, glossy hairstyles that screamed elegance and sophistication. This hair trend, characterized by its sleek finish and polished appearance, has quickly become a must-try for anyone looking to update their look for the upcoming season. Here's a rundown of the slick hair trends that dominated the Spring 2024 runways and how you can recreate these chic styles.

    The Wet Look

    Photo Courtesy of Spotlight / Jason Wu

    The wet look made a significant comeback this season, with designers opting for hair that appeared as if freshly out of the shower yet exquisitely styled. This look is all about high shine and controlled silhouettes, creating a dramatic and edgy aesthetic. To achieve this, apply a generous amount of gel from the roots to the tips, combing the hair back or to the side for a sleek finish. The key is to maintain the wet appearance without the hair being wet, a perfect balance that exudes both luxury and a carefree vibe.

    Slicked-Back Elegance

    Photo Courtesy of Spotlight / Zuhair Murad

    Another standout style was the slicked-back hair, reminiscent of old Hollywood glam but with a modern twist. This timeless look is versatile, working well for both short and long hair. The essence of this style is to create a smooth, sleek back that looks effortless yet sophisticated. Use a strong hold pomade or gel to slick the hair back, ensuring there are no flyaways. This style pairs well with formal attire, giving off an air of polished sophistication.

    The High-Shine Ponytail

    Photo Courtesy of Spotlight / Victoria Beckham

    High-shine ponytails were a favorite among designers for their simplicity and elegance. This look elevates the classic ponytail into something more refined and runway-ready. The ponytail is sleek at the base, with an added gloss for a polished effect. To recreate this, straighten your hair for a smooth base, tie it into a low or mid-height ponytail, and finish with a shine spray or serum. This style is both practical and chic, making it perfect for day-to-night transitions.

    Sculptural and Sleek

    Photo Courtesy of Spotlight / Christian Siriano

    Some designers took the slick hair trend to the next level with sculptural hairstyles that were both sleek and artistic. These looks played with shapes and volumes, creating breathtaking silhouettes that were as much a piece of art as the clothes. Achieving these looks might require professional help, but the key is to use products that provide a strong hold and high gloss, allowing the hair to be molded into the desired shape.

    How to Achieve the Slick Hair Trend

    To incorporate these slick hair trends into your beauty routine, start with the right products. Look for high-quality gels, pomades, and shine sprays that offer hold without flakiness. Preparation is crucial, so ensure your hair is well-conditioned to achieve that glossy finish. When applying styling products, start with a small amount and build up as needed to avoid weighing the hair down.


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