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    Transform Your Outfit  with These Fashion Accessories

    Straight from the runway, here are the trending fashion accessories for winter that can help you transform any outfit from boring to bold and beautiful.

    As introduced on the runways, this year’s trends for fall/winter accessories involve big sparkling crystals, shiny metallics, sculptural art pieces, lots of glamor and sheer bling. Of course, seeing some pandemic-related items throughout Fashion Week in all the big four cities was inevitable. But the designers did an excellent job at giving even those now-a-necessity accessories a stylish and creative spin.

    So, without any further ado, here are this season’s top trends for fashion accessories. Shop these looks if you wish to transform a simple outfit into a stunning one.

    Platform Boots

    Platform boots are the ultimate, unbeatable fall footwear. They are edgy yet comfortable, stylish yet sophisticated, and above all, suitable for almost all occasions.

    Whether you want to make quite an entrance or express your fashion sense in a cultured way, a pair of platform boots can do the talking for you.

    Tubular Necklaces

    Thick necklaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially those featuring an overall round shape. Pick one made from coiled leather straps, multistrand beaded ropes, or a single metallic tube that makes it look somewhat similar to a rather large chain link. It is sure to make you look spectacular, whether you wear it with a denim jacket or an elegant evening gown.

    Rhinestone Earrings

    This season is all about being bold and beautiful. So, when we say rhinestone earrings, we don’t mean the fragile and delicate kind. Rather, think large and dramatic chandelier earrings studded with lots of these tiny yet shiny jewels. Oh, and you are likely to find genuine gemstones like amethyst and sapphire embedded in it too.

    Cowboy Hats

    In addition to all the glitz and glam, cowboy-inspired accessories were also seen everywhere on the runway. While leather belts and boots will definitely help you create those Wild West vibes, nothing’s more chic than finishing off your attire with a cowboy hat.

    Haddy Ring

    If you are among those women who want their jewelry to stand out, you are bound to fall in love with the all-new bubble rings made from brass and gold. Featuring a bold yet clean and modern design, these dome-shaped rings look even more impressive when worn as two stacked together.

    Metal Chains

    So far, metal chains were mostly used in the fashion world in the form of belts and bracelets. However, in this pandemic-stricken world, you will see fashionistas sporting chain straps around their necks too.

    Bizarre? Definitely no.

    Metal chains have now become the go-to accessory for wearing face masks in a stylized manner. Generally, there are hooks on both ends of the chain so you can attach your mask to it and keep it securely in place as you go and about your daily activities. When you don’t need to cover your face, you can dispose of the mask and wear the chain as a fancy necklace.

    That indeed is fashion with function!

    With these fall fashion accessories that bring extra oomph, you can add some flair to your outfits and turn heads wherever you go.


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