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    The Hottest Shoes on the Spring 2021 Runways

    Spring is here, and we’re all elated to pack our wardrobe with the up-and-coming runway trends. Unsurprisingly, on top of our list for this season is to update our shoe closet with the ultimate picks.

    However, given the time we’ve spent at home in the last year, we’re definitely a bit out of practice to adorn the strappy, high pencil-heels just yet. That’s why from flats and sneakers to heels and boots, the fashion setters’ primary focus has remained on people’s comfort for Spring 2021. To help you pick out the hottest shoes this year, we scoured through the fashion show runways to put together a trending list for you. Let’s dive together into the world of spring shoe bliss!

    Greek Goddess

    While it was a little surprising to see the strapping Greek goddess styles on the runway as comfort shoes due to their fiddly fastenings, we can’t deny that they are incredibly comfy and chic for resonating Spring fashion. There’s something about these statement sandals that make you think of planning beach getaways with style!

    The Western Boots

    We’re also ecstatic to see multi-colored and ever-puffy Western boots on the ramps this year, as they are the epitome of style and practicality. Moreover, they’re a welcoming change compared to the high-heel boots most fashion designers were leaning towards during the winter season.

    Pointed Flats

    If you prefer flats yet still want to add a touch of glamour to them before stepping out, the currently trending pointed flats will be more up your fashion alleyway. They’ve been a constant head-turner on the Spring 2021 runaways for some time now.

    The High-Heel Clogs

    Another one of the unexpected but welcoming hottest shoes on the Spring 2021 runways are high-heel clogs. They are a combination of traditional, comfortable, and classy sandals that you wouldn’t mind adding to your shoe closet for special nights out.

    Knotted Sandals

    This 90’s trend is resurfacing yet again. The knotted sandals are perfect for elevating your high street fashion game. The best thing about this trend-setting staple is that you can pair them with almost anything from jeans and summer dresses to dress pants and skirts.

    Netted Glamour

    Fashion designers have taken a greater liking to fishnets nowadays, as they are incorporating them in everything from dresses to shoes. So, if you’re looking for something daring and trendy, don’t forget to add a pair of netted sandals to your closet.

    Chain Embellished Heels

    Heels aren’t entirely missing from the Spring 2021 runways. They’ve just been given a zesty touch! The chain embellished heels are the new norm that we love because they inspire us to get dressed up again!

    Men-Inspired Formals

    From Chanel to Gucci, you can’t miss the men-inspired formal footwear trending on the runways for this Spring. If you’re one to rank comfort and style on the same place in your fashion priority list, this will be your ultimate go-to pick for a long time to come!

    The Ropey Flats

    Lastly, we can’t help but notice several models donning ropey flats with all kinds of attires on the street fashion runways. So, if you’d rather prefer to forego the heels, sneakers, and boots, these are a classic deviation from the simple flats that are going to be your best friend for carrying out your errands this Spring.

    Treat yourself to the hottest shoes this season and up your Spring 2021 style statement without having to make any tremendous efforts!


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