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    The Top 7 Best Tom Ford Perfumes

    Tom Ford is a name synonymous with the best perfumes. It is no hidden fact that Tom Ford produces the most sought-after fragrances, and for a good reason! If you’re looking for a new fragrance, purchasing a Tom Ford perfume is one that you won’t regret making.

    The classic scents in unmistakable Tom Ford bottles are enough to satisfy the most hard-to-please person in your life. You could pick any perfume from their collection and win approval. But we’re not saying you should. No matter how great, every perfume is suited to a different personality.

    If you don’t have the time to figure that out, this guide will help you. As big fans of TF perfumes, we have rounded a list of the TOP Tom Ford perfumes of all time!


    Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

    If you’re searching for a perfume that you and your man can share, try this unisex scent that boasts high likability. The perfume has strong notes of citrus, driftwood, and seaweed, perfect year-round. A deep, woody aroma balances this fresh acidic scent. The crisp medley of varying aromas and intensities is enough to appeal to anyone with a good sense of scents. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this an all-rounder, as it’s uplifting and sensual. A light spritz of this perfume would easily last 6-8 hours.

    Tom Ford Costa Azzurra available at SEPHORA


    Tom Ford Oud Wood

    If we had to choose the best perfume period, Tom Ford Oud Wood would be our first choice, hands down! We bet no one can refuse this perfectly (and somehow magically) balanced scent. The rich and spicy woody notes of sandalwood, cardamom, and oud are not overpowering, restrained by the scent’s uplifting quality. This perfume works all year round, regardless of season or weather, but we like to reserve it for special, more formal occasions. 

    Tom Ford Oud Wood available at Neiman Marcus


    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

    The Tobacco Vanille is reminiscent of the winter season, with strong notes of vanilla, tonka beans, spices, tobacco, and cocoa. It exudes a warm quality with the right hint of sweetness to leave you satisfied. This unique scent is often touted as revolutionary and fits anyone who’s truly one of a kind. We recommend sporting this fragrance during romantic date nights in the winter season, leaving a fragrant trail of sensuality and power.

    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille available at NORDSTROM


    Tom Ford Black Orchid

    The Black Orchid is timeless and works for men, women, and everyone! But its versatility isn’t the only thing we love. This perfume is arguably the most long-lasting in the Tom Ford perfume collection, which makes it a worthy purchase. The dominant notes of orchid, truffle, patchouli, and dark chocolate command attention, making this an instantly recognizable perfume. The perfume is strong, owing to the high concentration of essential oils. These oils make this ideal for the strong, unstoppable woman you are! 

    Tom Ford Black Orchid available at SEPHORA


    Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

    This floral-amber perfume is a popular scent for women. Feel the dominant and feminine notes of coco-de-mer, and floral amber, which are perfectly balanced by seductive aromatic notes of cardamon, and decadent ylang ylang. This scent will produce a seductive appeal, leaving a compelling sillage.

    Tom Ford Soleil Blanc available at SEPHORA


    Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous

    This scent truly lives up to its mandate. It is the perfect amalgamation of spicy and strong yet not too overpowering. This scent releases dominant notes of leather, tonka bean, and sage. However, you’ll still feel the subtle hint of almond, iris, and floral accord. Any woman would love to adorn this irresistible scent that is both feminine and powerful, an articulate representation of the women of today. Without a doubt, the name says it all!

    Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous available at Bloomingdale's


    Tom Ford Lost Cherry

    Indulge in the delectable scent of Tom Ford's Lost Cherry perfume. It's a bold and daring fragrance that will certainly make heads turn. It blends notes of almond, black cherry, griotte syrup, sandalwood, jasmine, and roasted tonka. 

    Tom Ford Lost Cherry available at SEPHORA


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