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    6 Ways to Look Trendy  While Working Out

    When did going to the gym ever been about looking good while working out? In the era of smartphones and increased socialization, looking trendy while working out has become a thing. Although you work out to look good outside the gym, times have changed. Now, you need to look trendy as you pound away on the treadmill or pump iron. 

    Before you turn away, listen to this. When you look your best in the gym, you feel more confident. Let us ask you this:  Haven’t you ever glanced at yourself in the mirror while working out? You might look like a mess. When you dress well and then look in the mirror, you’ll look like a “hot” mess! Let’s go with the latter and tell you about all the ways you can look trendy while sweating away at the gym.

    Breathable Material

    Sweat patches aren’t flattering at all, not in or outside of the gym. Since you’ll be sweating profusely, you may find your shirt falling victim to sweat stains. You can avoid this by wearing breathable material before hitting the gym. Don’t wear cotton, but always polyester, spandex, or nylon. Cotton absorbs moisture and heat and clings on your skin, whereas polyester, spandex, and nylon pull moisture away from your body.

    Natural Makeup

    Makeup at the gym? That’s absurd! We know you think that we’ve completely lost it, but just hear us out. You don’t have to get dolled up for the gym in full-face makeup. Instead, go for a more natural look using a mineral foundation or tinted moisturizer with a light base, waterproof mascara, and tinted lip balm. You’ll look flawless and fresh-faced at the same time. It’ll also skyrocket your confidence level. If you need that extra boost of confidence, a natural makeup look is an answer.

    Stylish Gym Bag

    Don’t pick the old school bag or duffel bag lying around at home to go to the gym. Enter the gym in style, toting around your stylish gym bag. When it comes to buying a chic and eye-catching gym bag, you have several options. You can choose a metallic, denim, vibrant, or patterned gym bag. Having an attractive looking gym bag will motivate you to go to the gym because you’ll look stylish carrying it.

    Updo Hairstyle

    You’d be surprised to see the number of women that work out with their hair down with a simple band, the only barrier preventing their hair from sprawling all over their faces. Don’t let the oily look dampen your gym style and choose an updo. You can wear your hair in a ponytail braid, a high ponytail, or a bun. You can wear a colorful and vibrant cotton hairband to complete the look.

    Black Sneakers with Black Leggings

    Do you want to lengthen your legs? You can wear black sneakers with black leggings to slim your legs. This combination creates a smooth and uninterrupted line from the hip to the floor.

    Instant Cooling Towel

    Working out makes you turn hot, red, and sweaty. You need your face to chill with an instant cooling towel. Made from microfiber material, you’ll feel the icy-cold feeling against your skin for hours, as the fabric slows down liquid evaporation. Just put water to keep looking and feeling cool.


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