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    Fool-Proof Tips for  Fresh and Glowing Skin

    For those of us who aren’t naturally blessed with great skin, trying to find the perfect skincare routine can be quite the struggle. However, even if you have beautiful skin, skincare is still essential.

    Improving your skin’s health, texture, and complexion is not a task for the impatient, so breathe and give it time before you start thinking about giving up. Here are 5 simple tips that will give you fresh and glowing skin.

    Drink Plenty of Water

    This is an obvious one and it’s probably something you’ve heard a million times, but it’s also the best skincare advice anyone can give you. Water is the most important glow-inducing ingredient for our skin. Keeping your skin cells hydrated makes your complexion brighter and flushes out toxins.

    Some people don’t like to drink water and that’s not an issue at all, because you can always infuse it with your favorite fruits. Not only is it hydrating, but the vitamins they contain will give your skin an extra radiance boost.

    Sleep 8 Hours a Day

    This is another basic but important tip. Proper sleep is essential for healthy and glowing skin. Not getting a good amount of sleep will affect every part of your body, and your skin is just one of the parts that will be adversely affected. Your mental energy, your mood, and your skin will be the first to show signs of fatigue and it might result in breakouts, dark circles, and a general dullness on your skin.

    The reason for this is that your skin repairs itself while you sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, your body doesn’t get a break and you lose out on some crucial rejuvenation. When enough new skin cells are not generated, your skin will not look bright and healthy.

    You could incorporate some breathing exercises to help induce sleep if that is something you struggle with. If you are seriously insomniac, seek professional help.

    Double Cleanse and Moisturize

    As far as hygiene is concerned, every night before you go to bed, you need to clean your skin with a cleanser so that your skin can breathe and repair itself overnight. For this purpose, doing a double cleanse is great because just one cleanser doesn’t quite work the best when removing dirt, sebum, and makeup from one’s face. The first cleanser should rid your face of its oil, and the second should work as a deep pore cleanser.

    Every time you get done cleaning your face, don’t forget to apply moisturizer thoroughly so that your skin doesn’t dry out. Afterall, none of us wants dryness, wrinkles, breakouts, and dullness on our faces.

    Exfoliate At Least Once a Week

    Once or twice a week, it’s recommended to exfoliate your skin because it helps wash away dead skin cells, and pave way for new ones to bring forth fresh and glowing skin. There are two types of exfoliators you can choose from; physical exfoliators and chemical exfoliators. Pick the one that caters to your particular skin type and concerns.

    Exercise Regularly

    Ever wonder why athletes look so gorgeous and have close to perfect skin? The answer is a good diet and lots of exercise. The former gives your body all the essential nutrients it needs, which reflects on the health of your skin too. The latter increases your heart rate, removes toxins from your body, and improves not just your complexion but also your mood and energy levels.

    Take out some time every day to pamper your skin, and give it love and care. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how fresh and glowing it will end up looking. Better looking skin will also boost your mood and increase your confidence. So much to gain, and nothing to lose out!


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