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    Silk Pillowcases – Upgrade Your Beauty Sleep

    Silk Pillowcases have taken the beauty industry by storm. They’ve turned it all around. Silk pillowcases come with a lot of benefits like hydrated skin and fewer face creases. They feel incredibly soft and luxurious to lie on, but also have benefits to help you get your best possible sleep.

    If that’s not what you lean toward for reliability, that’s all right. Let’s discuss what dermatologists have to say about that.

    Are Silk Pillowcases Really Worth It?

    Laura Dyer, a physician assistant, certified at Dr. Amy Wechsler’s dermatology, notes the strong effect your pillowcase has on your hair and skin. Laura notes that we spend eight straight hours on our pillows every night. Conclusively, that makes up about 1/3 of our day.

    She suggests cotton pillowcases string out moisture from skin and hair, which inadvertently leaves us with dull and dry skin and hair.

    The regression doesn’t stop here. The moisture pulled out is absorbed by the cotton pillowcase, which results in the birth of bacteria and different allergens that can harm our skin and hair.

    Laura Dyer went on to enlighten us with more facts. She stated that the moisture in the pillowcase’s fibers could contribute to friction occurring in our skin and hair, which consequently ante up skin and hair problems, split ends, breakage, acne, and wrinkles, to name a few.

    According to Laura, when you sleep on a silk pillowcase, moisture on your face remains intact and, as a result, allows your night-time skincare routine to follow suit.

    Why Should You Care What Pillowcase You’re Using?

    Paying attention to your pillowcase is essential. Here are the essential reasons why:

    • If your pillowcase is submerged in oil, sweat, and impurities, chances are your skin will catch on to it. An uninvited guest may appear unannounced: acne!

    • Even after washing our pillowcases regularly, we may be harboring bacteria. Fabric softeners play a silent game as they leave waxy residues.

    • Germs residing on your pillowcase build a home for bacterial spread. They can contact your body since you’re probably breathing on your pillow. Chances are you may get sick, and to think, a pillowcase did that? Facepalm!

    How Do Silk Pillowcases Change the Game?

    Dr. Amy Weschler explains how silk as a material is friendly to us humans. According to her, Silk, by nature, is a less absorbent material. Silk will ensure it does not barge into your skincare routine, ensuring your routine is successful. Any product you’ve applied to your face is absorbed by your skin, not your pillowcase’s material.

    Research comparing cotton and silk pillowcases showed a cutback in pimples for people who apparently slept like a dream on silk pillowcases compared to those who slept on so-last-season cotton cases.

    Healthline defends silk pillowcases based on the contender’s cleaner and more refined surface. Silk pillowcases are a cuddling source for individuals fighting acne to lay their head on, literally.

    Healthline also notes silk pillowcases as a remedy for dry hair. Cotton pillowcases are not the best choice if you’re vulnerable to dry and frizzy hair, considering how they’re moisture-absorbent. Also, if you’re a victim of sleep creases, you might want to check how silk pillowcases can help you.

    Categories of Silk Pillowcases

    When buying silk pillowcases, pay attention to the fabric’s weight. Ideally, you would be looking for a high momme, also known as ‘mm.’ It is suggested that opting for a momme of 22 or higher is ideal.

    Mulberry Silk

    Mulberry silk is the crowd’s favorite. Nonetheless, a one size fits all approach is probably not a good idea here. So, let’s look at what mulberry silk pillowcases bring to the bed and see if it fits us as individuals.

    Mulberry silk is known to be hypoallergenic. This means it’s a preferred choice for people dealing with sensitive skin. If you experience sleep creases, this may be the fit for you.

    It’s manufactured from grade 6A and is 100% long-strand. This particular type of silk pillowcase has 25mm. That’s beyond the favored 22mm. Opt for a mulberry silk if you think it’s the choice for your skin and hair.

    Slip Silk

    Slip silk pillowcases are ideal for people dealing with frizzy hair. Not only will your frizz be controlled, but your curls will come back into action. This type of silk also maintains skin hydration and retains a smooth texture.

    Alaska Bear Natural Silk

    The Alaska Bear Natural Silk pillowcase is breathable and incredibly soft. The soft fabric of this silk restricts friction and essentially saves you from waking up to a bad hair day or over-volumized hair. You will also save yourself from waking up to sleep creases.

    Night Trisilk

    The Night Trisilk pillowcase leans toward a healthier lifestyle. It prevents hair breakage, allergens, and pollutants from being absorbed into the pillowcase.


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