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    Daily Reminders for a Wholesome Life

    Life circumstances can make us feel dejected and unmotivated at the most unimaginable times. However, scattering little titbits of positivity in our lives and practicing self-belief can keep our struggles at bay.

    The actions we take and the way we treat ourselves reflect on our mental and physical health. That’s the primary reason why we need some much-needed essential affirmations every day to live a happier and wholesome life.

    Here are 8 daily reminders for the relentless ones who are out there to reach for the stars!

    Never Too Late

    It is never too late to dream a new dream, fix an old relationship, or do the right thing! Realize that you won’t be able to discover your best-self until you don’t mend your ways.

    Sow and Reap

    What we choose to do today outlines our future. Our efforts and the intentions behind them decide the course of our lives. Remember what we sow is what we reap in the future.

    Conclude the Decisions

    While taking advantage of the opportunities as they arise is important, you should also remind yourself of our circumstances first. We often find ourselves in a puzzling situation where we can’t seem to decide whether to say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ At times like these, don’t act irrationally; instead, understand where your potential actions will lead. Figuring out the right answer is easier after you have deduced possible conclusions.

    Progress, Not Perfection

    One of the complications that don’t allow us to move forward and lead a wholesome life is that we always strive for perfection rather than progress. Perfection leads to endless disappointments, as nothing is free of flaws. Instead, give yourself a daily reminder to focus on progress. With time, you’ll notice that you have made progress that you can be proud of!


    Another essential daily reminder you should give yourself is to believe in your abilities. Your success in any venture depends on self-belief. Until you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t convince others of your brilliance as well.

    Yes and No

    Not everything and everyone means equally to us, and that’s a fact. All of us establish our priorities at some point, and you need to stand by them to reach your goals. That’s why you need to remind yourself daily to say ‘yes’ only when the answer leads us to a wholesome life. On the other hand, if saying ‘no’ is beneficial for you, there should be nothing stopping us from saying that.

    Loving the Imperfections

    Repeat after with us - “There is nothing about me that is undesirable!” Now, feel it run through your mind and believe in it. It may take some time to accept the flaws and imperfections others usually dislike. However, you need to understand that nothing comes without flaws, and while there are imperfections that we’d rather get rid of, we also have positive points that many desire for themselves!

    Light at the End of Tunnel

    We may not be living our best lives yet. However, we need to give ourselves a friendly reminder that cracks allow the light to get in, and there’s always light at the end of a pitch-dark tunnel if only we look for it. Once we are motivated to find our way out, nothing can stop us from achieving the mightiest of things in the world!

    One last reminder - ‘Our feelings are always valid, and they deserve to be heard.’ Reaching out to our loved ones who listen to us talk and make us feel less vulnerable is important for experiencing a happy, healthy, and wholesome life!


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