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    Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends

    Unsure about what to add to your wardrobe this fall? Worry no more! Read on to find out the five top fall fashion trends of this season.

    As summer draws to a close, we find ourselves watching emerging fall fashion trends on runways, fashion magazines and social media, and we could not be more ready for it. All summer, we’ve looked forward to once more bringing out our coats, turtlenecks, and sweaters, and now as we wait for the weather to start cooling down, we can plan our fall outfits by following the fall trends. Below, we have listed some of our personal favorites from the fall fashion trends of 2020.

    Cropped Blazers

    These blazers look extremely chic and are available in different cropped lengths. And don’t worry, they come in lengths that are long enough for business but are still short enough to be called cropped. You can style these blazers casually or formally, with either high waisted jeans or formal pants. You can also wear a shirt or cropped top underneath, or you can just wear the blazer on its own as a top. This is one of our top picks because it’s such a versatile piece, and looks good paired with just about anything.

    Sheer Overlays

    Another layering piece for you to consider are voluminous sheer overlays. Whether stitched on top of a knee-length dress or available as a blouse, this fall trend looks incredibly pretty in any color or design. Pair it with a simple camisole underneath along with high-waisted pants and you’ll look ready for your night out in no time.


    Another very prevalent trend at runways was patchwork on shorts, dresses, skirts, coats, what have you.

    Patchwork, which has its roots in ancient folklore and quilt-making, made a real impression on fall fashion trends this year, and we saw lots of really cool pieces with patchwork on them. For example, we saw striped button down shirts with floral patchwork on them which looked great for a casual day out. There were patchwork shorts that had cool cutouts from patterned fabric stitched onto them in different places, patchwork dresses with somewhat similar, floral patterns that were different in color which also looked really cool. Most of these designs were very creative and they looked like great options for the upcoming fall season.


    Whether it is in coats, pants, skirts or shirts, we just adore plaid. Plaid has the power to make you look dressed up as well as casual based on what you pair it with. We all love those plaid leggings that go so well with basic tees and give our simple, casual outfits that extra amp. Plaid coats are also always a favorite, so it should be no surprise that plaid made our list and is going to be one of the top fashion trends this fall. If anything, plaid is a welcome fall fashion trend, equally loved by all because it never fails to look good on anyone.

    Flesh Tones

    From leather jackets to pleated skirts to dresses, flesh tones are in this fall. This trend is all about nude colors. It’s quite safe to say that these flesh tones encompass a wide range of colors, offering many beautiful shades. Some of these flesh-toned outfits on the runways gave the illusion of showing skin while completely covering the models up. Overall, this was quite a hit trend at the fashion shows this year and has understandably made it into our list.


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